React(AWS Amplify)  + Node (Heroku) + MySQL(AWS RDS) deployment
5 thoughts on “React(AWS Amplify) + Node (Heroku) + MySQL(AWS RDS) deployment”
  1. I post this if it can help others => by following this tutorial, problem encountered in heroku: ECONREFUSED on the build log,

    solution: enter your environment variables correctly on heroku.

    then, connect ETIMEDOUT,

    solution: at 5.52 min. And finally: endless build,

    solution: delete the build script in package.json (heroku has a specific one which will conflict if you have one in package.json).
    And think about adding a Procfile file to the root of your node project. And enter inside => web: node index.js

    Glad if it helped some. sorry for my english.

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