Python Tutorial – Python Full Course for Beginners


    Python tutorial – Python full course for beginners – Go from Zero to Hero with Python (includes machine learning & web development projects).
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    00:00:00 Introduction
    00:01:49 Installing Python 3
    00:06:10 Your First Python Program
    00:08:11 How Python Code Gets Executed
    00:11:24 How Long It Takes To Learn Python
    00:13:03 Variables
    00:18:21 Receiving Input
    00:22:16 Python Cheat Sheet
    00:22:46 Type Conversion
    00:29:31 Strings
    00:37:36 Formatted Strings
    00:40:50 String Methods
    00:48:33 Arithmetic Operations
    00:51:33 Operator Precedence
    00:55:04 Math Functions
    00:58:17 If Statements
    01:06:32 Logical Operators
    01:11:25 Comparison Operators
    01:16:17 Weight Converter Program
    01:20:43 While Loops
    01:24:07 Building a Guessing Game
    01:30:51 Building the Car Game
    01:41:48 For Loops
    01:47:46 Nested Loops
    01:55:50 Lists
    02:01:45 2D Lists
    02:05:11 My Complete Python Course
    02:06:00 List Methods
    02:13:25 Tuples
    02:15:34 Unpacking
    02:18:21 Dictionaries
    02:26:21 Emoji Converter
    02:30:31 Functions
    02:35:21 Parameters
    02:39:24 Keyword Arguments
    02:44:45 Return Statement
    02:48:55 Creating a Reusable Function
    02:53:42 Exceptions
    02:59:14 Comments
    03:01:46 Classes
    03:07:46 Constructors
    03:14:41 Inheritance
    03:19:33 Modules
    03:30:12 Packages
    03:36:22 Generating Random Values
    03:44:37 Working with Directories
    03:50:47 Pypi and Pip
    03:55:34 Project 1: Automation with Python
    04:10:22 Project 2: Machine Learning with Python
    04:58:37 Project 3: Building a Website with Django


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    1. any phyton code for automating… give a analysis to client.. take their feedback… every month give analysis.. every month take feedback… send whatsapp message of entire analysis and feedback from start to present…

    2. In the exercise for print F, nested loops (at 1hr:50mins) Tutorial, I tried some different approach. Is it fine – I get expected output.

      numbers = [5, 2, 5, 2, 2]

      for num in numbers: # 5
      for incrementalNumber in range(num): # 0,1,2,3,4
      print('*', end=" ")


    3. hi mosh , how is ur day?
      i would like to ask is that necessary to get any computer courses or certificates before starting to learn paython language.
      because my studies related to tourism and hotels and i dont have any feed back about programming.

      so, i hope to give me an advice what's the necessary our required courses to start learning paython.

      thanks in advance,
      Hammad Ahmed

    4. Since 5:00:00, the video will be working on framework and using Terminal inside of Pycharm. If you are a Windows user, there is going to be a bunch of errors in executing these codes. mostly because of the restriction in user settings and privileges

      1. Python should already in PATH in environment variables.
      2. Powershell script restriction should be -unrestricted.
      3. Check if your interpreter is using the correct one like python310 vs python39.

    5. I have a question, do you guys prefer setting Ctrl Y to 'delete line' or 'redo'? Ctrl Shift Z seems inconvenient to redo, so I tend to choose the second option. But is there another efficient shortcut to delete a line? Can I have some recommendations? Thanks a lot!