Python Technical Interviews - 5 Things you MUST KNOW

Ace your next technical job interview in Python! This quick tutorial goes over the most important questions for web developers to know in preparation tech interviews.

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00:17 – object-oriented programming questions
02:46 – formatting strings for printing
03:51 – leveraging python’s data structure (list vs. dict. vs. set)
06:13 – Kite’s co-pilot
06:27 – list comprehension in Python
07:22 – using Python’s standard library


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20 thoughts on “Python Technical Interviews – 5 Things you MUST KNOW”
  1. import re is my favorite. A lot of the easy problems on leetcode can be solved using regular expressions.

  2. Incorrect phrasing. At 1:00, these are not class variables, these are instance variables are they are defined in the constructor. A class variable should be available and same for all instances of the class. These self variables are unique for each instance.

  3. I’ve got an interview in half an hour! Been doing Python for a year or 2 but i always forget the most simple things. This has definitely helped. I’ll come back and update how the interview went 😜

  4. I'm 15 and I know how to use all the objects mentioned in this video to build programs and solve problems😌😌😎😎

  5. Just found your channel and i think you make really usefull videos. Altho you do remind me of tom keen from blacklist lol

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