Python Scripting and AWS Automation with Python

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26 thoughts on “Python Scripting and AWS Automation with Python”
  1. Thanks man, I’m a java guy looking into python automation for aws you did a great job

  2. yestrday only i saw Valaxy Technologies videos. Very nice all are. How come i missed these many days. I want to be an expert in writing scripts for automation. I was working as developer in C. Now moved into Devops. Even though im willing to understand and use the tools , not able to confidently write a script. No time to learn on my own too. Please suggest me what to follow.

  3. I am not a developer. How much python knowldege is needed for automation i mean the topics

  4. Hi Valaxy, I bought the DevOps course on Coursera and I like it. I want these videos as well. How can I get them?

  5. Can you please suggest which is best to learn devops or python or data science. Give answer for this please

  6. Great video. Can python Boto3 work with Google cloud? Or there is a separate library for that?

  7. Nice explanation. Could you please help me, I want to write python script to check tags in all Aws resources and if mandatory tags are not present then it should add automatically. I would need your help.

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