Python Network Automation Training changes today!


    Today it all changes. It’s time for next level DevNet Python Network Automation Training.

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    Download the OVA from one of the following links:
    Google 1:
    Google 2:

    Get the source code here:

    OVA username: quokka
    OVA password: quokka123!

    To start quokka:
    [email protected]:~$ cd ./quokka/
    [email protected]:~/quokka$ ./

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    LinkedIn: I’m at

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    1. David my heart was truly touched. I feel the genuine love from you and Chuck. I am not only inspired to get started but you have inspired me to have a spirit of giving and supporting others in the same way because I see just how important it was to me just now and not only that but the feeling that there was someone out there willing to help give me the tools I need to succeed and all I have to do is follow the program and do the work. That sounds like a small thing to do considering all of the work you guys have put in. Thank you both for all that you do and continue to do. Thank you for supporting me.

    2. hello david thank you very much for the vedios youre making ❤ , i have a small question for you a few days ago i opened my google account ,entered to activities and i saw unkown device logged to my account and there was no ip adress how can i find the identity of this device? and thanks you alot for helping me

    3. This is really awesome🤩 , i am your big fan and my salute to chuck what a incredible work you people have done, i am using is it with some changes as per my network and got to impress my manager 😉.
      Honestly i said to my manager this is your work and i am just using it.

      Thanks a lot guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!