Python Interview Questions and Answers – For Freshers and Experienced Candidates


    Learn important conceptual and technical Python interview questions and answers in this video. This video will be useful for all the freshers, beginners, interns and experience candidates interviewing for the roles of Python developer, web developer, analyst, architect, data scientist etc.
    The examples and sample answers given with each question make the video more helpful
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    1. I had a project interview earlier , 3-4 questions were from this video, of course that interview didn't go well.
      I watched this video today as I had another project interview today.
      Guess what, this time too 3-4 questions were there from whatever you have discussed in this video and the last question was "Deep Copy vs Shallow Copy".

      This time my interview went well and I got on-boarded for that project.
      I had rejected many projects and waited nearly for 1.5 months to get this type of project.