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    In this Python Interview Questions and Answers video, we will cover all top Real-World Python interview questions asked in companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and how to answer them (saving your interview preparation time).

    This video covers Python interview questions for beginners, intermediate and experienced professionals.

    You can also visit our Python Page to prepare for your Python interview and start solving Python questions –

    00:04:31 what is Python?
    00:05:32 is python a High Level Language or a Low Level Language?
    00:06:06 is python Strongly Typed or Weakly Typed? Is python statically typed or dynamically typed?
    00:09:16 MyPy – Static Type Checker for python
    00:10:06 is python a Compiled Language or an Interpreted Language?
    00:13:31 CPython, PyPy (JIT), Cython, IronPython (.NET), Jython (Java), Stackless Python, Brython, Transcrypt, …
    00:18:49 Python 2 vs Python 3
    00:24:39 is “self” a keyword in python?
    00:26:21 all the keywords in Python – False, True, None, and, or, in, as, if, elif, else, assert, async, await, break, continue, class, def, del, except, finally, for, from, global, nonlocal, import, in, is, lambda, not, pass, raise, return, try, while, with, yield
    00:36:07 “raise” keyword explained
    00:39:00 what builtin datatypes does python provide? int, float, complex, None, bool, str, list, tuple, set, dict, frozenset, range
    00:41:55 what is “frozenset”?
    00:44:18 what is PEP8? (Python Style Guide)
    00:48:18 what is PEP (Python Enhancement Proposal), PyPI (Python Package Index), pip (Package Installer for python)
    00:51:20 What is the difference b/w Tuple and List in python?
    00:54:12 common python mistakes – leading comma in return statement creates a tuple
    00:55:11 are dictionaries in python ordered by key insertion order?
    01:03:25 python interpreters revisited (language specification vs implementation)
    01:06:58 why is “import *” considered bad? (namespace pollution)
    01:13:05 what is the difference b/w a List Comprehension, Dict Comprehension, and a Tuple Comprehension (Generator Expression) ?
    01:22:31 explain how the python Garbage Collector works. What is Reference Counting? How does python perform Automatic Memory Management?
    01:38:35 announcement for future sessions – metaclasses, descriptor protocol, iterators, coroutines, numpy, django, tensorflow, …

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