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Great Learning’s “Python for data science” course is all about learning exciting ways of understanding the process of analyzing data and getting to know more about open libraries.
Python for data science with python course aims to let our learners explore the multiple arenas of how to read data from multiple sources, which can be CSVs, Excel, and SQL.
It’s high time to learn and upgrade yourself with the art of processing data with the aid of NumPy Pandas and articulate the act of visualization with the aid of Matplotlib and other software.
Learn how to read data, process it, visualize and create reports. We also have our primary focus on Python to help you have your biggest leap into Data Science.

🔹 Topics Covered:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:07 Agenda
00:02:59 Python, Pycharm & Anaconda Installation
00:06:21 Intro to Jupyter Notebook
00:11:15 Variables in Python
00:14:35 Data Types in Python
00:18:52 Operators in Python
00:26:43 Python Tokens: Keywords, Identifiers, Literals & Operators
00:46:14 Data Structures in Python: Tuple, List, Dictionary & Set
01:20:21 Flow Control Statements
01:44:34 Functions
01:59:32 Python Object-Oriented Programming: Class & Object
02:19:27 Inheritance in Python
02:49:55 Libraries in Python
02:51:25 Python Numpy
03:19:58 Python Pandas
03:50:03 Data Visualization with Python: Matplotlib
04:25:45 Data Visualization with Python: SeaBorn
05:26:01 Python Project on IPL Data
06:01:26 Python Project on FIFA
06:22:23 Python Project on Marvel and DC Characters
06:36:44 Introduction to Data Science
06:52:59 Machine Learning
06:56:34 Supervised Learning
07:00:40 Unsupervised Learning
07:03:25 Statistics For Data Science
07:39:11 Linear Regression
08:50:22 Logistic Regression
09:31:53 Time Series Analysis

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29 thoughts on “Python for Data Science Full Course | Data Science Tutorials for Beginners in 2022 | Great Learning”
  1. Sir mujhe bhi ye data science ka course karna hai me kisi ko bhi inquiry karta hu to vo boltey hai ki apko English me sikhaya jayga to kya ap mujhe Hindi me sikhne ka tarika bta sktey hai

  2. I am a mechanical engineer and working as inprocess quality engineer for last 5 year,
    Should i switch to data scientist.please give me advice.

  3. This tutorial is very great!!
    All thanks to Great Academy for sharing this video
    and very effective for those who started their journey in Data Science!!

  4. I watching this video again 😭this is my 3rd time 😢😢because I want to understand all 😎😎

  5. wow, best course on data science …
    i want to take all courses of this teacher.. his way of teaching is so easy to understand
    but sir u missed last topic of inheritance i.e "hybrid inheritance"..

  6. Why or why can't these videos be labeled correctly … youtube should do a better job sorting these videos according to language smh

  7. you are best, thanks for creating such plateform for us, please also add internet of thing IOT course in greatlearing
    or share me iot course english as in hindi, i am very thank full, also python with web-development

  8. As mechanical Engineering I don't about too much programming. so can I Learn everything about from this video?

  9. your lecture is so effective for me but if u provide notes of this series then it is more benificial.

  10. This is explained briefly indeed…the projects includes only EDA/ did not found outliers/NAN value/model didnt build up , accuracy is not defined. hope we would get to see end-to-end DS project in coming days.

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