Python, Django Skype Interview | Telephonic Interview Python, Django | #skypeinterview

Python, Django Skype Interview | Telephonic Interview Python, Django | #skypeinterview
Skype Python Interview | Python Interview of freshers | Telephonic Interview | Skype round of interview Django | Python Django Interview

This is a Skype round interview of Python freshers, I have posted this interview to get an idea about the skype round of technical interviews for Python learners.

He performs well because this was the first interview of him on skype then don’t fun and you should learn from this. you should also discover the weakness and positiveness during the interview.
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36 thoughts on “Python, Django Skype Interview | Telephonic Interview Python, Django | #skypeinterview”
  1. 1. Introduce yourself

    2. what is python-definition?

    3. Is python compiler based language or interpreter based language?

    4. Python has byte code or not?

    5. python supports data types or not ? if yes, what are they?

    6. Do you know the difference between set and tuple?

    7. What is array in python?

    8. What is the object in Python?

    9. If you want define Object, what process we can implement?

    10. you are creating class for object or object for class?

    11. python support polymorphism or not?

    12. python has function overloading or over riding ?

    13. python support constructor or not?

    14. Can we create multiple type constructor in a single class?

    15. Do you know the the concept of magic function in python?

    16. Do you know decorator in python?

    17. Do you know about pickling and unpickling in python?

    18. Do you know about Lambda operator?

    19. Python has static method or not?

    20. can you create multiple exception block in python?

    21. tell me the name of the project?

    22. How many tables you have created from your project?

    23. Do you know about API?

    24. Which database you have used in your project?

    25. Can you connect Django to MYSQL?

    26. Explain about login form in your project?

    27. How you can upload the file in your project?

  2. Python is interpreted language i.e it execute the code line by line.there are 14 data types in python-int,float,bool,complex,str,bytes,bytearray,range,list,tuple,set,frozenset,dict,None…tuple is immutable…python does not have buildin support for array we can use list for that…array is collection of homogenous values

  3. Tuple is not dynamic type
    We can only use tuple for access the elements. And the two performing operations are index(), count() that’s all in it.

  4. i'm watched half video and i can tell thank u ….i'm going to learn a lot….what to do and what not to do..i going to attend 3 interviews in following week so it helps a lot

  5. Thank you sir! I watch these interviews in my free time and get to know more and more about Python Interviews!

  6. Hi Shiva sir will u pls make a video related to job role & responsibilities of Python django developer in realtime .. it will useful to many

  7. या मुलाला python madhe ० knowledge आहे असं मला वाटतं

  8. There is no sense in asking what is python or who built this language or byte code… The main thing is if you can solve a problem with this or not

  9. His python concept is not even clear how he could work on real world projects and how he could solve any problem 🙁

  10. Hi Sir… My domain is different I want to switch to IT domain..I know all the questions whatever u asked but i dont i have real time experience in django. I have practiced all topics in python as well as django. I have 5 years of experience in my domain. Would u share how to explain realtime project take one example like that..

  11. Plz interview experience person than i think it can help to learn something new and i appreciate your work

  12. Plz interview experience person than i think it can help to learn something new and i appreciate your work

  13. I don't know about django
    But I have came to know about some new questions and it's answers

  14. Please take my interview on python django Framework….I know all those things very well…and I am also 2020 pass-out..

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