Python Certificate Beginners | Google IT Automation with Python Certificate

Margarita, the Lead Curriculum Developer of the program and a cyber liability engineer, shares that this program was designed for people with no tech background at all — like herself! She explains that some of the certificate’s primary goals are to help people grow, expand their horizons, and reach their full potential.

This video is part of the Google IT Automation with Python Certificate, providing you with in-demand Python, GIT, and IT automation skills to advance your career in IT. The program, created by Google employees in the field, is designed to provide learners with job-ready skills in about 6 months.

To access the full program content including readings, practice exercises, job search help, and discussion forums please visit ►

Why earn a Google Career Certificate?
► No experience necessary: Learn job-ready skills, with no college degree required.
► Learn at your own pace: Complete the 100% online courses on your own terms.
► Stand out to employers: Make your resume competitive with a credential from Google.
► A path to in-demand jobs: Connect with top employers who are currently hiring.

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6 thoughts on “Python Certificate Beginners | Google IT Automation with Python Certificate”
  1. There was no mention of which course or certificate she was talking about in this 2 minute video. Everything she said could have been for any of Google's certificate courses.

    With a title of "Python Certificate Beginners | Google IT Automation with Python Certificate", I was expecting information about that certificate; what to expect, what I would learn and where it could lead in career choices.

    I'm sorry, but this did not make me want to enroll in this course. I'm looking for information to make a decision with.

  2. I enjoy her energy 🙂 After I finish the PM Google course certificate this will be next 🙂

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