Python Automation|Part 6 : Gmail Bulk Email Sending Automation|Python Web Automation|Python Selenium

In this video, we are gonna be automating gmail such that we can send bulk emails, reading data from an excel file. We will be sending personalised emails to the mails mentioned in the excel file, all of this with a simple Python Automation Script. In short, we will write a cool Python script to send bulk emails. We will leverage Python Selenium for this Gmail Bulk Email Sending Automation.

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9 thoughts on “Python Automation|Part 6 : Gmail Bulk Email Sending Automation|Python Web Automation|Python Selenium”
  1. Is it possible to write one program to open a webpage, then write another program to perform actions on the opened window. in other words i want to perform actions on the opened webpage.

  2. <span data-testid="clip" data-icon="clip" class="">

    How do i select this using selenium…

    I tried using css selector, by class name, by xpath, by tag

  3. I was trying this but when I press the next button after entering email, it says couldn't sign you in, this browser or app may not be secure. Even though I have turned off two step authentication and have given access to less secure apps in my account settings. Don't know what to do. Can anybody help, please?

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