Python Automation with PyAutoGUI | Full Course With Projects!


    Full tutorial on Python’s PyAutoGUI module with 3 awesome projects to get you started! 🔔NEW videos, tutorials and projects EVERY week so subscribe and hit the bell button so you don’t miss an update!

    To install PyAutoGUI:
    To install in your current project in PyCharm see 01:15 of this video:

    ▶️Text Your Friend the Entire Script of Shrek – SPAM Bot – Tutorial:

    ▶️TikTok Liker Bot – Tutorial:

    00:00 – Introduction (explaining the module and projects)
    0:48 – Getting started with PyAutoGUI
    01:21 – Mouse Functions
    07:20 – Click Functions
    09:50 – Scroll Functions
    11:10 – Mouse Up & Down (with mini example)
    15:30 – PROJECT 1: Automated Drawing in Paint
    20:10 – *FAILSAFE – Important for aborting Python files* (including example)
    23:17 – PROJECT 2: Automated Liking on Social Media
    29:31 – Keyboard Functions
    31:19 – PROJECT 3: Automating the Dino Game
    33:27 – Screenshotting with PyAutoGUI


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    1. Nice video! Something to add as it relates to finding your mouse coordinate position. A convenient way to find this information is to use the “pyautogui.mouseInfo()” function. Call this function into your interactive shell after importing pyautogui. It’s a small application that will provide real time coordinates and RGB color information based upon where your mouse is located. It also allows you to copy this information into clipboard so you can easily extract the information, or save it to a log file. Pretty convenient.

    2. hello Ellie receives a cordial greeting. I would like to start by clarifying that I used a translator to write this, so if there is any mistake, I hope you will forgive me. I am very interested in what is related to python and the automation of RPA processes, but I see that it is a very wide world and I do not know where to start. I have seen frameworks like rocketbot uipath among others. i want to learn and i want to know if pyatugui is a good start.