Python Automation | Part 9 : WhatsApp Automation | No QR Code | Python Selenium Web Automation


    In this video, we are gonna be automating WhatsApp such that we can send bulk messages to groups along with attachments such as images/videos with only one time QR Code scanning or in other words, a Python script that can send messages to bulk groups along with attachments such as images/videos with only one time QR Code scanning. The input to the Python script is the group names, the message and the absolute path of the image/video we want to send as an attachment. In short, we will write a cool Python script to send bulk group messages with attachments. This is the last video of the whole 3 video WhatsApp Automation. The idea is we only need to scan the QR Code at the first time we run the Python script. We will leverage Python Selenium for this WhatsApp Bulk Group Message Sending with attachments Automation.

    First Two Parts of WhatsApp Automation :

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    References :
    Selenium Docs :
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    1. Hi, I have using the same code, but unfortunately the QR info was not saving so when ever I run the code I need to scan the QR code. Also , after running the code I am getting following warning:
      [2336:1968:0413/] Can't create base directory: C:Program FilesGoogleGoogleUpdater
      Can someone help me with that?

    2. Hey man! I have a doubt, I want to send messages through whatsapp on regular intervals(using apscheduler) without twilio(coz the free credits are only gonna last for a while and i cant afford to pay), without qr code scanning because I want this to be hosted on a server that way I don't need to run it on my local machine, but is this even possible, if so how,, can you please make a tutorial on it or is there any alternative approach to the same… Please reply 🙂

    3. Hi Sir, You are doing an amazing job. I have a question that if I want to send the messages to all of my contacts and groups and I don't have their names stored in a file then how can I get all contacts and scroll the contacts names sidebar because the new contacts get load when we scroll down. is there any way to do it. please let me know