Python Automation | Part 10 : Automatic Form Submission using Python |Python Selenium Web Automation


    In this Python Automation video, we are gonna be automating Form Submission such that we can submit data from an excel file or csv file or similar, regardless of the quantity, whether it be 1000, 10k or 100k. The idea is fetching data, processing data, and submit each of them into the form. We will go through three important things in this video :
    1) Read/Fetch data from an excel/csv/simlar file using Pandas, the popular and loved package by Data Scientists.
    2) Handling inputs such as radio input, checkbox input and select elements using Selenium.
    3) Executing JavaScript in Selenium.
    We will leverage Python Selenium for this Automatic Form Submission in Python Automation.

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    Project Files – Github Repository : (In branch 7-automatic-form-submission)
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    References :
    Selenium Select Docs :
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    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for share your knowledge, I'm having an issue entering numbers from an excel.
      Python is giving me this error "object of type 'numpy.int64' has no len() ", I google it and it telling me that is error happend when you try to add types such as integer, float, boolean, long, complex.
      What other fuction can I use in this case?

      Kind regards!

    2. This a great video. It seems that the xpath for choosing radio button is not working when used in MS Forms. I tried it and it just skips the radio button question for me. Do you have any alternative way to choose a radio button based on MS Forms? Thanks!

    3. Hey just wanna thank you for this precious knowledge. I have a question, that what if the script brokes somehow in between for any particular row data of excel, how can we tackle this thing and continue our script for other row data or index?