Python Automation for Remote Workers Series | Using APIs

Hey Everyone! Let’s talk about how we can start using different types of requests to pull and post data from API endpoints using Python.

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Full code from the video:
import requests, json

response = requests.get( ‘ )


header = { ‘X-TOKEN’ : api_key }
response = requests.get( ‘ headers = header )

api_url = ‘

headers = { ‘X-Time-Door-Key’ : ‘bf60f73d-fe59-4ccd-ba42-ecb5766ca1dc’,
‘Accept’ : ‘application/json’,
‘Content-Type’ : ‘application/json’}

response = api_url,
data = open(‘sample_data.json’, ‘rb’),
headers = headers)


Packages (& Versions) used in this video:
requests, json

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36 thoughts on “Python Automation for Remote Workers Series | Using APIs”
  1. hey Derrick
    can you post something related to "IOS connection to home wifI and executing some kind of actions on the laptop such as playing video, or login to laptop and opening spotify … cheers

  2. I am looking for to update access database from odata source, there is no official library from Microsoft but I think I can do it using python.

  3. Hey Derrick. Thank a lot for all these excel help videos! Can you make a video about protecting your workbook and also hiding some rows with python and password protecting them with python. Needed to learn how to hide and protect some data. It seems there are a lot of ways to breakthrough a protected workbook if I use the protection from excel. Just wanted to see if you had some idea that could help. Thank you.

  4. Incredible stuff dude, straight into the point, clean voice and explanation. I am an intermediate data analyst, wish you had uploaded these videos when i was starting my training. Keep it up, you deserve all the good words and views

  5. Dear Derrick, great videos as always. I wonder if You can access data with ["data"][0]["id"] instead of .get. I know .get is safer and more practial way for accessing data in dictionary because of default returning argument that get provide.

  6. Awesome tutorials. Can you please make some tutos of real life data visualization projects or what to expect and what to start with or knowledge of similar fashion. Thank you so much

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