Python Automation: Automate Boring Stuff


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Today a little tutorial on how to automate some boring stuff with python. I know there wasn’t actually a lot of Python in this video, but I promise I will make for it the next time

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  1. ive been coding for around 2 months, i was wondering is it normal i can do basic stuff without looking up for helps otherwise i refer back to stackover flow, youtube for assistance is that normal.

  2. Hey Max, nice to meet you! I just found your channel, love what you're doing!

    I like how clear and detailed your explanations are as well as the depth of knowledge you have surrounding the topic! Since I run a tech education channel as well, I love to see fellow Content Creators sharing, educating, and inspiring a large global audience. I wish you the best of luck on your YouTube Journey, can't wait to see you succeed! Your content really stands out and you've put so much thought into your videos, I applaud you on that!

    Cheers, take care, and keep up the great work 😉