Python 3 Network Automation for Network Engineers: Configure switch with a Python script

Learn how to automate networks using Python version 3.
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Don’t get left behind. You learning network automation and network programmability using Python are critical for your future as a network engineer.

Course coming in April 2018


13 thoughts on “Python 3 Network Automation for Network Engineers: Configure switch with a Python script”
  1. Hi. First of all thank you for the wonderful explanation.
    I would like to ask how to implement telnet to a remote equipment who has tacacs+ server configured for telnet session

  2. Thank you for great video. I am just starting with network programming. I made my first step with python, finished beginner level. As you know it is all about methods, functions, data types, statements and other basic stuffs. I just want to learn how deep should I learn python to become a good network programmer. Should I enter OOP topics? Is there need to work hard and practice many python programming exercises to get used to it? Or once I am just aware of the concepts, I can jump into networking part of the python?

  3. David Sir Why We are not Making Python script, rahter than, we are using already Predefind script, Is it necesaary to Build a python script for network engineering, I am asking this question because i am Also a Network Engineering.

  4. Hey David,
    I have business account, When i login with that account i dont see this Python 3 network automation for network engineer, But i could see Python2 course. Could you help finding that ?

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