Publishing AKS using Application Gateway Ingress Controller

In this video, we take a look at the Azure Application Gateway Ingress Controller, and learn how to use it to securely publish AKS Services.

The script and links for this article can be found here:

0:00 Problem description
4:43 How AGIC works
7:56 Creating the Application Gateway
9:52 Onboarding AGIC on an existing AKS Cluster
11:52 Deploying the Ingress


9 thoughts on “Publishing AKS using Application Gateway Ingress Controller”
  1. hi Helsabini,
    I got this error when create Agic. Any idea form you pls?
    {"error":{"code":"InvalidTemplateDeployment","message":"The template deployment 'ag_deploy_CH72M7xFXCjStfrsYAbGJ8TkrFFT6WAl' is not valid according to the validation procedure. The tracking id is '6130faf9-f909-4513-b3a6-d24106e9b0b2'. See inner errors for details.","details":[{"code":"ApplicationGatewayRequestRoutingRulePriorityCannotBeEmpty","message":"Priority for the request routing rule /subscriptions/bf70bc9a-d03e-4725-85a7-ba059e05fdef/resourceGroups/helshabini-gw/providers/Microsoft.Network/applicationGateways/helshabini-gw/requestRoutingRules/rule1 cannot be empty. All request routing rules should have a priority defined starting from api-version 2021-08-01","details":[]}]}

  2. hello you know how to solve this = when executing the step "az aks enable-addons -n ….." generate this error "[91mProperty id 'C:/Program Files/Git/subscriptions/<ID_subscription>/resourceGroups/<name_resorce_group>/providers/Microsoft .Network/applicationGateways/<name_app_gw> ' at path 'properties.addonProfiles.ingressApplicationGateway.config.applicationGatewayId' is invalid. Expect fully qualified resource Id that start with '/subscrirs/{resourceProviderNamespace}/'.←[0mptions/{subscriptionId}' or '/providers/{resourceProviderNamespace}/'. Thanks for your help!!!

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