Primal Beast is here and so is patch 7.31

In this video, Jenkins reviews the latest Dota 2 update, patch 7.31–which includes Dota 2’s latest hero: Primal Beast.

0:00 – Primal Beast
5:23 – New Techies
8:17 – General changes (gold and stuff)
15:23 – Jungle creeps are POWERFUL
29:19 – New items (we are HON now)
50:34 – Hero updates A-Z


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47 thoughts on “Primal Beast is here and so is patch 7.31”
  1. They turned dota 2 into league with the new stuff…..too much 1 shot nukings. Terrible.

  2. Would that bottle nerf be an io nerf perhaps? cant tp in and full heal someone, you can only fountain heal or bottle heal?

  3. Lina actually seems kinda strong. You can stack Fiery soul just from damaging creeps it's not limited to heroes

  4. actually the earth spirit support is a big nerf (mana costs, and you feel them hard) and core was buffed. I play him support, sigh

  5. 3 divine rapier and that magic dmg + etheral blade is op for the trample when ur having a good game

  6. nonsense this just means I got to get hand of midas to multicast that bonus xp every game. dont tell me I cant reach 25 as ogre /joke.

  7. Hey Jenkins! I want to let you know that the change to Flesh Heap looks really good to me, and that I think you are misinterpreting the purpose of the ability. Flesh heap never did counter critical hits, and it still won't now, but now pudge is a really good counterpick against specific heroes. The damage block from flesh heap works per tick on damage over time abilities, and does not increase with the number of stacks of fleshheap. The numbers are tuned so that you take 0 damage from rot so long as your rot and flesh heap levels are the same, as rot deals its damage in 0.2 second intervals. It no longer protects you fully from rot once you get aghnim's scepter because of the damage increase, but the effect is still very noticable. This new form of flesh heap is very powerful against illusions, as their reduced damage is heavily impacted by block, and this is even more noticable when illusions are used to dish out damage with radiance. New flesh heap is also a direct counter to heroes with a high tick rate on their damage over time abilities, notably Pheonix's Sun Ray and Pugna's Life Drain, as well as other damage over time focused heroes like Viper, venomancer, and death prophet. It is also capable of nearly fully soaking the damage of shadow shaman's Mass Serpent Ward, as well as blocking some of the additional damage from abilities like Drow Ranger's Frost Arrows and Clinkz's Burning Arrows. The extra sustain from the new rot flesh heap combo could also potentially allow for pudge to clear camps while rotating between lanes, to help him maintain relevance later in the game outside of his hook.

    Tldr the change to flesh heap makes pudge stronger but more importantly it makes him a powerful counterpick.

  8. Lina buff seems really strong though, throw out 1 q on the minion wave or a neutral camp and your fiery soul is fully stacked

  9. Thanks jenkins, goodluck with arkosh, cz with you and bsj in same team, u really need luck to win😂

  10. Doom be like "i knew it my wing are not for decoration purposes only and finally my time has come"

  11. to long, need 1 minute recap or not watching. Thanks jenkin nice try. Subcribed and liked.

  12. That Abba shard was a nerf. Shard used to lower the CD on Mist Coil and shield, caused coil and shield to apply curse and increased the base slow by 10%. To be fair it would have been way too strong at 15 minutes.

  13. Why would you spend 1400 gold on a shard on Legion Commander for some armor, when you can just buy the 1400 gold armor?

  14. orchid is now viable for carry. can someone tell me how i would fit it into CK…. with the amulet i mean? whats first? or drop one?

  15. I actually died from a Harpy Stormcrafter cause it used chain lightning as I pass by while I was low health.

  16. yep its definitely a nerf, damage block is too fucking low to compensate for the lost armor and magic resist.

  17. Anti-mage gets a free blink dagger, free diffusal, blade, and free lotus orb, and free hood of defiance.

    What do AM players even farm for?

  18. I called this.. after finishing the Aghs passive tree, I said "the least they could do is let me play as the primal beast in game"… wow lmfao

  19. For pudge
    So i think the damage block is similar to vanguard. But then for all damage types, or krackenshell?

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