Prepare for Coding Interview – Strings In Python Interview Questions With Examples From Python


    Strings in Python. Prepare for Coding Interview. Programming Interview Questions and Answers. Mastering the Coding Interview With Examples From Python – Part 3

    In this lecture we Will Review Strings using Python Language.
    Discussion about Clarifying questions is there as well. We will Practice Problems for String in Jupyter notebook using Python Language. Sample Coding Interview Question about Strings is Discussed and Visual and Programming Solution is Given at the End.

    You can Watch Full Playlist Here:

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    1. For any strings containing only alphanumeric characters a is b returns True.

      But if i add any other symbol, it returns False. for example:

      >>> a='ab-c'

      >>> b='ab-c'

      >>> a is b


      >>> a='1ab'

      >>> b='1ab'

      >>> a is b



      I also tried

      from sys import intern



      a is b #True

      May i know why it is happening? May i know what is this intern?