Practical Projects to Learn AWS

It’s one thing to get your AWS certifications, its another to know how to use AWS in practical, real life applications. In this video, I discuss 4 project ideas to start learning the fundamentals of AWS!

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Part 3 – Stock Tracking App –

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43 thoughts on “Practical Projects to Learn AWS”
  1. This is the best to understand the overall concept of the use of AWS in real life. I now see why the web services are structure this way nowadays. Thanks for sharing this video!

  2. Daniel!
    I've learned SO…SO much from your contents and I am forever grateful for the effort you put to make these videos!! so thank you for that!

    "Data processing pipeline for twitter" seems to be an interesting project — are there any more videos that would focus on this particular project?.. any suggestions?

  3. Oh brother, I love you. Have been looking for this video for a long time. Am plan on making project as AWS SAA beginner so that I could get familiar with the services and also get a job. And right here in this video you stated everything I need to know. God bless you brother. Hopping to see you some day and thank you in person. I look forward to other videos to help me move from here to the next step of getting a job. Your contents are great

  4. Thanks so much. Good to finally see something like this because a lot of us need something like this. Its wierd because I always hear a lot about certifications and all but nothing about how to actually learn things that will really get you a job. I mean certs are great but you want to have some real skills and projects to put on your resume to get you work too.I may start with the cloud practitioner and maybe a few projects and go from ther.

  5. This is really very good knowledge sessions to start projects and continue adding more scenarios for the existing ideas , I am currently doing project you are mentioning using ECS Fargate with terraform and stumbled on this video , I am in the process of thinking to hook up dynamodb or Rds to Fast API which is running on ECS , I liked the third project which I once i worked with playing with twitter data , will work on hooking up with Kinesis using terraform , once again thank you for your ideas of projects

  6. finally someone with common sense! most people gloss over this basic concepts but can't tell you enough how helpful this video is! you should add the donate link on your video so we can support you to make more similar videos! thank you.

  7. Hey @Be a better dev. Great video!
    I just wanted to point out that in your last example project with the stock prices, the last lambda function does not need to query back dynamoDB for T1 as you can configure dynamoDB to give you T1 + T2 in the same event. So you have all the information you need in your lambda in order to perform the logic for calculating the differences in prices without additional call to dynamoDB.
    Cheers 😉

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