Portainer – The Best GUI for Docker and Kubernetes?


    In this video I got over what Portainer is and how to install it and use it to manage your Docker and Kubernetes containers. Portainer is an awesome tool that every devops engineer should have on their system to help them learn and visualize container systems like Docker and Kubernetes.

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    📘 Chapters:
    0:00 What is Portainer?
    0:57 How to Install Portainer
    3:15 Portainer Demo
    6:00 Why you should use Portainer


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    1. Hi, this is new to me. I'm trying to have 1 cloud server in aws lightsail and install portrainer.
      i want to do the following things
      1) Install a webserver in one container
      2) install and manage wordpress in another container
      3) Run a openvpn and use the server as a vpn sometimes

      My questions is can i do all these using portainer and if i have like 2 different websites in seperate conatiners since the ip of server is same if i point both my domains will they automatically load or do i need to configure reverse dns or mapping or something like that.
      Help is appreciated