PODMAN vs DOCKER - should you switch now?

Podman vs Docker in comparison! We’ll talk about what Podman is, how it works and if you should consider switching from Docker to Podman for better security.

Documentation – https://podman.io
Installation Instructions – https://podman.io/getting-started/installation
Portainer: https://youtu.be/ljDI5jykjE8
Watchtower: https://youtu.be/5lP_pdjcVMo
Learn more about Docker: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj-2elZxVPZ8k8z6a2q6-J79Y-9BUQllW


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00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – What is wrong with docker? Why replace it with Podman?
02:25 – How Podman works
05:05 – Podman and sudo privileges
06:33 – Should you stop using docker now?

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36 thoughts on “PODMAN vs DOCKER – should you switch now?”
  1. I have just switched to Fedora Server, it ships with Cockpit and setting up Podman is a couple of clicks (one click if you dont count the 'enable' slider!), and it looks like a streamlined way of installing/using containers. Also of note the server software update process can also update podman and all associated containers automatically, so no need for Watchtower (?)

  2. What I like about podman is that it is way faster on my old machines. No idea why, have not made benchmarks, may be just a feeling, but it is there.

  3. There's some implementation like docker compose to podman? And podman open ports automagically like docker do?(going through firewall) For example, when i use docker in a server using ufw, docker open this container ports to world, podman does the same thing?

  4. There is actually a deamon included with podman that is not enabled by default. It has the same API (albeit it's unix socket, not tcp).

  5. yeah, dockerd is now the most troublesome part on my project. All other parts will work just fine, it is always some error thrown by dockerd.

  6. I recently tried to play around with podman to see if it is an alternative to docker. The installation on Windows WSL2 is way more cumbersome than docker. The installation of docker in combination with WSL2 is lately really smooth. But once I had it running I reached the next hurdle. The official alternative to docker-compose is podman play kube, which requires a way more complicated yml file. Especially if you look how short and simple my docker-compose yml file, which I used for the test, was. I think I will stick with docker for now.

  7. Tbh i tried to switch from docker to podman but for some reason it never fully worked for me the way i expected so until podman becomes drop in replacement for docker i cannot switch to it.

  8. I would like to state a few things that i feel are not right in the video. However I haven't tried podman in a while but it's not correct to say that podman doesn't have a Daemon, it does, it's called systemd, some could argue that's better than having a dedicated Daemon but I am not sure about that. Podman in itself doesn't have the same capabilities as docker so it shouldn't be compared like to like. Podman follows the same principles of RHEL or typically Linux folks, which is one tool to do one job, docker is a massive application, as an e.g. podman doesn't build images, that is buildah, it might come with some basic functionality of buildah included but is not podman that is doing it, because of all this that's why podman is not really a replacement for docker in terms of local development or local environment. In addition to this today nothing stops you to run docker containers without root or in rootless mode, that has been improved massively on docker

  9. It depends, if you wish to work in the industry mainly enterprise, stick with docker since thats being used, and i don't expect companies to switch.

  10. Think Podman is going to get much more attention, since Docker is enforcing their paid licensing from 31 Jan 22

  11. So if podman and docker follow the same standardized format – does that mean you could just run existing docker containers in podman without too much hassle?

  12. Hey, a Question please!
    I think when you add an user to docker-group, then he has just the privileges to run docker commands without sudo,
    but will not be a root user!

  13. I'm probably going to stick to Docker until something other than Podman comes along. Not saying that Docker doesn't have bugs and what not however when looking at the amount of bugs with Podman still going on + new reports I'm sticking with Docker. Security issues will most def catch up with Podman. It is possible to run Docker rootless, even if it's an annoying process.

    Podman's website is not even being updated anymore? It just doesn't feel like something to hang on to.

    For any IT professionals it's also worth learning how to harden Docker even if it's in your homelab, rather than switching to something that is not industry standard.

  14. Can I use it for windows, if not kindly suggest me the tool which help me to contanirize my application

  15. I very much liked this particular content. Thought a lot about docker vs. Podman. And came to the exact same decission as you.

  16. the redhat guys wanted to replace docker because there is a daemon running in the background? boy 😀 you made my day 😉 ..well in the end it is the same like privileged containers within LXC. I never used docker honestly since there was never a need to, but knowing they run as root.. to me, that is a big no-no.. it is imo less a problem that users who need to tinker with docker around have root privileges, it moreover is the problem that flaws in the container are running as root in your whole system hence downloading a bad image or having problems in your apps which runs inside the docker could harm your entire system

  17. Podman is not only the default for Red Hat 8/CentOS 8 but you will have to go through lengths to get docker-ce working.

  18. good stuff thank You for explanation. Just started learning docker and someone pointed me to podman so I might as well just flip now…. 😛

  19. Look holistically, ie there is more than one aspect to choosing which. Vanilla Docker is a lot easier to work with as there is a lot more help via google.

  20. I subscribed. Excellent video. I've been looking for a docker alternative since Kubernetes deprecated docker.

  21. The root permissions issues with docker drives me crazy. I'm going to try podman just because of that.

  22. Really nice video, but I have a question. Can you use Podman in combination with Kubernetes?

  23. It seems the Docker universe has many tools to manage deploy and run docker containers. Knowing more of them means more ability to pick the right tools for the job. I am training myself on Docker and more server type stuff. I like that Linux desktops still have access to their server roots. I too prefer LTS Ubuntu releases, but the new XFCE 4.16 in 21.04 means I may jump ship. ?The fractional scaling of the desktop may save my old eyes. If Podman and other goodies come with it, so much the better. Thanks and god bless you all

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