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Partitioning in Data Warehouse | Lecture #12 | Data Warehouse Tutorial


In this tutorial we are going to discuss all about Partitioning in Data Warehousing. Why Partitioning is necessary while designing data warehouse and their major types such as-
1. Horizontal Partitioning
2. Vertical Partitioning
and their sub types with some simple examples in brief.

In the last lecture, we have covered what is Schemas in Data Warehouse along with its different types such as Star Schema, Snowflake Schema, Fact Constellation Schema (Galaxy Schema) with their architecture, advantages and disadvantages.Data Warehouse full course playlist-

data warehouse is collection of organizational data used to help an organization to make important decisions and improve business.

We will be covering all the Data Warehouse concepts with easy to understand tutorials which will help you master conceptual knowledge of Data Warehousing.

But first, you should be aware of Structured Query Language (SQL) which we have already covered. Please find the link for FULL COURSE OF SQL.

SQL Full Course Playlist-

PYTHON Full Course Playlist-


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