Part1-SDET Essentials | Jenkins Build & Delivery Pipeline | CI & CD | How to create Jenkins Pipeline


    Topics Covered:
    Overview on Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Deployment (CD)
    What is Jenkins Pipeline
    Jenkins Pipeline Jobs
    How to Create Pipeline in Jenkins
    How to View Pipeline

    Jenkins Pipeline PPT:

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    1. I think you should make some things clear to the viewers like the option we choose and the command we right depends on os we are using. Like you have to choose 'executing shell' in case you're using else for windows users first option has to be chosem

    2. A good tutorial. Thanks. The CI/CD explanation you gave was really nice with the pictorial representation. A small correction though. The cycle/phase in which we release the code/product is actually called Deployment (Continuous Deployment) and NOT the Delivery. The Continuous Delivery (CD) is a process where we complete the CI (Integrate) + Build + Test upto the staging environment but NOT to Producttion.