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Part 10 | Python-AWS | Create ECS Task Role and Policy using Boto3 | BS Tech


Hello everyone, in this video we’ll walk through on how to create an ECS Task Role and ECS Task Execution Policy using Python’s AWS SDK named Boto3.

Following are the links for IAM boto3 documentation:

Click here to access GitHub repo:

*********Contents of the video***********
0:00 Intro
0:10 Welcome
0:15 What we will do
0:30 Walkthrough
1:48 Start creation of IAM Role and Policy
2:10 Agenda
2:34 Create skeleton functions
3:10 Create role
3:37 Add constants
4:25 Create Policy
4:42 Attach Policy to Role
5:55 Detach Policy from Role
6:11 Delete Policy
6:23 Delete Role
6:30 Update create aws resources file
6:50 Code debug
8:33 Update delete aws resources file
9:04 Test delete script
9:37 Add print statements
10:04 Final run
10:51 Thanks for watching

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