Overview of Ansible Tower (and demonstration)

In this video, we will walk through the key features of Ansible Tower.

Learn more: https://www.redhat.com/rhtapps/promo-do007/?sc_cid=7016000000126GjAAI


11 thoughts on “Overview of Ansible Tower (and demonstration)”
  1. A Macbook without the apple logo on the back… Is it missing for copyright reasons? idk..

  2. I cannot download ansible tower, I do not have a business email… Yes,  I would love to study the technology and use it in business. Unfortunately, they ONLY allow business email addresses. So… as an active consultant, the next company I contract with… I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT recommend Ansible tower. No student / study version… no recommendation from me. Bye Felicia

  3. How to make 24 hours the default instead of 30 days the default on the dashboard? Usually you just want to see the paste one or two days' job status

  4. Why isn't Tower supported on Debian… But it's supported for Ubuntu and Ubuntu is Debian based!?

  5. Saw this first at Udemy, excellent tutorial, really gives you an overview of how it works.

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