OpenShift CI/CD Demo: Part I

In this video we will explore how to setup a CI/CD infrastructure on OpenShift by provisioning Jenkins as CI engine, Gogs as git server, Sonatype Nexus as repository manager and SonarQube for static code analysis in containers.
Furthermore, we will create a delivery pipeline using the new DSL-based Jenkins Pipeline plugin to build, test and deploy a sample application and promote it to upper environments.

This first part of the demo will focus on the environment setup. Don’t miss part two visiting our YouTube Channel.


8 thoughts on “OpenShift CI/CD Demo: Part I”
  1. Hi, I don't see CICD-gogs-template.yaml file is missing in @t. I am trying to run same steps shown in the video. When I execute the

  2. Hi, I would like to create a pipeline in OpenShift where the pipeline will pull the source code from a bitbucket repository and execute unit test cases (it's a nodejs project) and further to this some smoke test cases will be executed (robot framework). Can you please help me out to create the yaml file? I badly need some help. If you could share your email ID that will be really helpful.

  3. I am facing issues: 1. There is no "gogs" YAML template available 2. when I selected the other available template "CICD" template gives error, The connection to the server was refused – did you specify the right host or port?. Can you help in identifying this issue? Thanks in advance.

  4. Short question! Is it difficult to deploy gogs on Openshift? And no matter how difficult it is, how can I do that 😄

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