One Day Builds: Automating My Notes With Python

One Day Builds: Automating My Notes With Python
#Python #Automation #Programming

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35 thoughts on “One Day Builds: Automating My Notes With Python”
  1. what's the solution for automation from brain waves to the computer .
    For this , I mean , an example
    I am too lazy and I want my YouTube to work from my vocal throat . why that's not possible .

    an other example . I am reading a programming book . I read the book and type it on a computer , instead I would want to read the book and simultaneously would want to execute the code on the computer from a brain reader mindset .

    Please give a solution for my problem , so that I could be a FAST PROGRAMMER

  2. Why didn't you use argparse? That would seem to me to be a much simpler way to create a CLI module.

  3. don't know why did you bother with the extensions. You could just write txt, java, py as arguments to your script and just use them as is. Your way would make sense if you checked if the user put a valid extension and throw an error (typo check). But you didn't do it.

  4. Why to have .ext option at all ?
    As per me – keep it simple and default to "text only"
    May be markdown is another option but for notes – I prefer simple text.

  5. Nice way of creating custom file based note taking app. Many would concur with the limitations of EverNote you mentioned, but creating your own file based note taking app would be akin to creating note taking app. before internet. You could try (soon to be ported to for security reasons) and check out its search and notes features among others.

  6. I literally have no idea what you are doing. And I don't remember how I ended up here either

  7. Hi, Amazing video, quick question:
    Can this be done on windows too? if yes, do the exact same libraries apply?
    (I'm a complete beginner to python application)

  8. Just a side note, that I felt I had to put out there: The fact that a hosting company can sell hosting at up to 91% off(whether they make a profit or not) shows that web hosting is grossly overpriced and is priced that way to make people who dont know any better pay more than they should.

  9. Hi i very like your videos, could you tell me what microphone and camera you use to record your YouTube videos like this one? Thank you.

  10. What java app did you download i cant find a great application for coding java and Python pleaseeee help

  11. I thought you were going to have it open up evernote and open the note for you when you mentioned all the steps you had to take. But still enjoyed the video wonder if evernote api is open might look into doing that in the upcoming weekends if so.

  12. Man! your videos make my life so much productive! im starting to automate bunch of simple tasks! thanks for sharing this stuff! tons of love bro!

  13. How is he running the command directly from the terminal? He isn't using `python -m/-c` ??

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