Network Automation using Ansible and Python

Matt Oswalt
This session will look at some of the ways that network infrastructure can be managed in an automated way using Ansible and Python.


19 thoughts on “Network Automation using Ansible and Python”
  1. Great. But why don't you have all your files in github or somewhere?…so we can take a closer look into them…that it would be really nice from you.

  2. Brilliant presentation Matt and thank you guys for sharing. The first video I've come across that uses Junos modules and explain with examples the structure used in Ansible.

  3. Love the content and to be honest, this is the first Ansible training video that makes sense of all the different variables and components used. But is it really THAT HARD to record in a better resolution?

  4. So much script for so basic tasks ! We professional network engineers do a ton of sophisticated configurations and we keep changing stuff over n over due to changing policy of companies

  5. do you have the path to the github for all the python tools you didn't get to cover in this lecture?

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