Network Automation Basics  - First Ansible Playbook

The lab objective is to use Ansible Automation to update the configuration of a Cisco CSR router. This exercise will not create an Ansible Playbook, but use an existing one that has been provided.

Sean Cavanaugh will walk you through this lab. Read more about Sean and his background:

This exercise will cover:

– examining an existing Ansible Playbook
– executing an Ansible Playbook on the command line using the ansible-navigator command
– check mode (the –check parameter)
– verbose mode (the –verbose or -v parameter)

To self-drive the demo right in your own web browser go here:

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Expand your learning on our Network Automation web page here:

If you want to get a trial for the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (which includes everything you see in this demonstration) please visit:


One thought on “Network Automation Basics – First Ansible Playbook”
  1. So many tutorials out there showing how to configure devices. How about just config verification playbooks? What if you just want to verify BGP is up or show certain routes or show prefix-lists and route-maps how do you output the results?

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