NEMS 1.5.2: Network Monitoring with Raspberry Pi

NEMS 1.5.2: Network Monitoring with Raspberry Pi. In this video we take a look how to image the raspberry pi with the NEMS 1.5.2 image. We talk a look at all the configuration options including the TV dashboard and the different types of altering available on NEMS. There are also a few different notification options that can be configured on it. Finally we take a look at the monitoring of a couple of devices to alert when up or down.

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11 thoughts on “NEMS 1.5.2: Network Monitoring with Raspberry Pi”
  1. How is this installed on a current Raspberry Pi 4?? Every video and resource I've seen always shows it being used on a older RPI-3. When the NEMS image is loaded to a RPI-4 the boot screen always displays an error that the NEMS image is too old and missing critical boot files.

    If someone can point me to a resource that shows a current 4-8GB RPI-4 with NEMS 1.5.2 installed that would be very helpul.

  2. Very Useful. Can it monitor network usage / data downloaded from internet by router and individual devices?

  3. Very useful. thxhen I use the email notifications they come as expected however when I open these notifications, using my normal email reader it takes minutes before the content is showing. when using webmail there is no delay. Do you have any clue of what might be the reason for the delay?

  4. Everyone is showing a "basic ping check". But how to use SNMP for actual information about the device. because a ping is not exactly "monitoring". i don't get it. can you or anyone link me to a guide on how to install and set up snmp clients for nagios? would be cool! (Right now nagios and my client don't want to communicate… working on it.) Edit: Never mind:

  5. Very helpful video to get NEMS up and working on Raspberry Pi! Is there a way to use NEMS to monitor bandwidth usage on each connected network device? Ideally, live device bandwidth usage as well as a graph of history would be fantastic!

  6. I just heard about you, came here to support your channel.
    Is it possible to do network monitoring without rasberrypi?? With VMware?

  7. This one is a good review! 👏🏻
    Supporting your 1k goal. Saw it in FB page. All the best man! 💪🏻

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