My Record Store Day 2018! (ABBA, The Cure, Eurythmics)

I was super excited for this year’s RSD, as my favourite band (ABBA) released a record!! I’m super happy I got the records I wanted, and had an overall great experience 🙂
・*。Open for more surprises! ・*。

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love u all, and thanks for watching :3


6 thoughts on “My Record Store Day 2018! (ABBA, The Cure, Eurythmics)”
  1. Love your records. I also went to Record Store day because of both Cure albums. I already owned Mixed Up on vinyl but I had to get the picture disk. Torn Down is also pretty good. Have been a massive fan for over 20 years.

  2. You deserved to get the records you had on your want list being in the cue for 5 hours! Is there someone hoovering and whistling while they do it in the background? I like your Abba collection. If you are on Facebook join the Abbatalk and Abbatrade, lots of nice Abba fans to talk to on there!

  3. I normally queue at Reflex but didn't bother this year as was only 5 things I wanted and a friend was queuing but didn't want anything I wanted so got them for me. Never been a fan of Windows tbh. I went to Reflex on the Sunday and everything I wanted was still in stock so could have got them myself as it turned out. That Abba 7" was the in demand release this year.

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