Multistage Pipeline with Deployment Slots in Azure DevOps

Create Multistage Pipeline with Deployment Slots in Azure DevOps
1. Create multiple deployment slots in Azure
2. Create build pipelines for QA, UAT, and Prod
3. Create multiple stages in the release pipeline

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10 thoughts on “Multistage Pipeline with Deployment Slots in Azure DevOps”
  1. Thanks for the informative video.
    I created the QA slot, release is also successful but end point URL is giving below error "The specified CGI application encountered an error and the server terminated the process."

    Any idea how to correct this, I am using java maven builds

  2. gr8 tutorial…..Quick Question, I tried the same process, but change in any branch like QA or UAT, all stages are triggered in release pipeline instead of that stage, am I missing something ?
    Do we need to add any artifact triggers ?

  3. So if I want to create a multibranch pipeline I'd have to do it manually? I think we should be able to have dropdowns to select env, branch and others so we don't maintain the same code multiple times. Anyway thanks for this way of solving it

  4. Thanks for the great vedio. I need to know about the configuration like in react my configuration picks from the .env file and we will manage based on different pipeline on this.

  5. Good video, But I have one query here.
    In my case I have enabled continous trigger for multiple branches in same build pipeline and enabled deployment trigger for release pipeline and pointing to respective app server slots. But my point here is how can I differentiate like if tigger happens in dev branch only deploy to dev slot? Because if we commit on any included beanch this build pipeline will trigger and published an artifact with generic name. So how can I differentiate this? Please help me with this

    Thanks in Advance

  6. Nice video i have a quick question if supposed insted of slots we are using different webapp for different environment then…. It's is not good Or Bill will be more??

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