Multi Branch Pipeline Job using Jenkins | Tech Primers


    This video covers how to create multibranch pipeline using Jenkins

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    1. Hi, can you advise how to clone the master and all the branches without building them? Also in multibranch pipeline once all the branches are pulled in to jenkins should we configure build triggers like pollscm, git hook inside each branch or can be done at the global level?

    2. What about particular branch we want to trigger when the remaining jobs also configured to the same repo?

      Ex: I configure the same github repo url for 3 jobs.

      I just want to commit to Develop branch and the webhook will trigger that particular branchand build the job in Jenkins. But the 3 jobs what i configured with the same repo url are also triggering.

      Can you please tell me how to configure if we push/merge/pull request code to particular branch and only particular job should be triggered based on branch.

      how do we do this sir?