Multi Branch Pipeline Job using Jenkins | Tech Primers

This video covers how to create multibranch pipeline using Jenkins

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32 thoughts on “Multi Branch Pipeline Job using Jenkins | Tech Primers”
  1. Hi, can you advise how to clone the master and all the branches without building them? Also in multibranch pipeline once all the branches are pulled in to jenkins should we configure build triggers like pollscm, git hook inside each branch or can be done at the global level?

  2. Hi i have followed the same but for me add source when Git selected than template is not popping up but for other options source it is coming what should I do?

  3. Interesting feature but I feel concerned. Generally the git repositories have several branches. Many of them are kept for long term also ( like POC branches, etc). This will make Jenkins crowded and difficult to refer. Any solution ?

  4. I am facing the error: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

    CAn you please let me know exact configuration needs to be done in GlobalTool configuration to avoid this error. ?

  5. In git gub there is a file called Jenkins file… With this the pipeline is running. So devops person will write the jenkins pipeline code or the Developer ??

  6. Hey! nice video, is it possible to have branch based triggers with multi branch pipelines?
    Something like…
    – development: build/deploy based in github webhooks
    – staging: nightly builds/deploy
    – master: weekly deploy

  7. what if we want to set each branch to use different jenkins files? lets say we have multiple jenkins file inside of our source repository?

  8. Can you create a video on how this stack all together is used? XRAY, cucumber, Jmeter, Jenkins, with some example project?

  9. You didn’t integrate maven or deployment tool wright, but how they are compiling, testing and where they are deploying

  10. Thank you very much for this tutorial. Can you please upload a tutorial how we can run multiple jobs parallel using multijob plugin

  11. Good video in short time. But please stop adding music. Your voice itself good enough 🙂

  12. Nice video. It will be great if you make some videos regarding Jenkins and Bitbucket.


  13. What about particular branch we want to trigger when the remaining jobs also configured to the same repo?

    Ex: I configure the same github repo url for 3 jobs.

    I just want to commit to Develop branch and the webhook will trigger that particular branchand build the job in Jenkins. But the 3 jobs what i configured with the same repo url are also triggering.

    Can you please tell me how to configure if we push/merge/pull request code to particular branch and only particular job should be triggered based on branch.

    how do we do this sir?

  14. Please make a video on multibranch pipeline hooks. Just a constructive feedback the background music is not required, it is disturbing.

  15. Technically your explanation is good bro but the background music is eating my brain when i see your tutorials.

  16. Thanks for your video. What if I want to push into a branch inside my pipeline by Jenkins? I can check out to another branch but can not push. It shows an error that "could not read Username for '': No such device or address". That would be great if you help me. Thanks

  17. Please make a video on pipeline stages, how you created different stages like compile, stage, testing, deployment etc.

  18. Hello, thanks I really like the video, I have two questions:
    1.) I added the Jenkins url under GitHub settings webhook and can see logs as well but in Jenkins it was not triggered automatically, could you please tell me why? What exactly need to done
    2.) How can I deploy my code in test, stage and dev server?

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