Mule 4 | MuleSoft Tutorials | CI/CD with Azure DevOps Part - 4/4

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Deploy Mule application using Azure DevOPs CI/CD Pipeline

Deploying Mulesoft Application using AzureDevOPs CI/CD Pipeline


10 thoughts on “Mule 4 | MuleSoft Tutorials | CI/CD with Azure DevOps Part – 4/4”
  1. You can contact us for full video tutorial access and file resources for this complete setup via email or whatsapp.

    We can provide the details.

  2. Can you please upload Azure DevOps release Part 4 completely and this video looks incomplete.

  3. I will enroll Udemy course. Please, provide the link this week !!! or please, publish the previous part 4. The video looks incomplete, without the final part.

  4. CLI Configuration is missing, I saw that part some days ago. The video was updated removing that part.

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