Monitoring Resources on AWS: CloudWatch Metrics and Dashboards

This episode of SGF AWS demonstrates how to monitoring resources on AWS and discusses common questions along the way. I focus on the Billing Dashboard, CloudWatch Metrics (Billing, EC2, S3, etc) and CloudWatch Dashboards.

Billing Metrics
* Billing Dashboard
* CloudWatch Metrics (Overall vs Individual)

Reserved Instances
* Reserved Instances Overview (EC2, RDS)
* Reserved Instance Types
* Matching Instances to Reserved Instances

EC2 Metrics
* CPU Credits
* CloudWatch Metrics

S3 Metrics
* Storage Used
* Object Count
* CloudWatch Metrics

CloudWatch Metrics
* Pricing
* Explore Metrics
* Billing Charges
* EC2 (Network, CPU, EBS)

CloudWatch Dashboard
* Pricing
* Create a Dashboard
* Explore Dashboards

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18 thoughts on “Monitoring Resources on AWS: CloudWatch Metrics and Dashboards”
  1. hello everyone, currently i'm using vapor to deploy my project on AWS … but sometimes it's so slow, so i want to know the list of requests that my project execute in "High volume of users" I want to know the request i will need to optimize. I'm pretty sure AWS have some feature where to see that. Many thanks in advance for your help!

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