Migrating On-Premise Oracle 11G database to AWS RDS Oracle 19c using AWS DMS

Here we are migrating an Oracle database hosted in an EC2 instance to RDS Oracle. This is a Full Load Migration explained in detail.
NOTE : 25:34 minutes in the video explains about some privileges to be granted. This is required only for the DMS user (INFRA as per example) which is needed to carry out the operation. The user DMA which is used in the video, doesn’t need those additional privileges to proceed with

Check out the detailed steps at :

Full Load Migration of On-premise Oracle Database to AWS RDS Oracle

Check out our complete AWS Playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOwxB_PX3s3WIIO5gecg-q4M42n4uGVWu

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24 thoughts on “Migrating On-Premise Oracle 11G database to AWS RDS Oracle 19c using AWS DMS”
  1. Hi bro
    I want to use source db from virtual box on windows , can u tell me how I configure dns server name in virtual box and put it in source end point ?

  2. Thansk bhai! Good job! I am watching your AWS RDS videos..Please upload as much as possible….

  3. Hi I am successfully migrated my database but in my ddl i have default value 0 which not migrated. Can you please help me. On how to migrate with ddl in ful load

  4. Hi, I have an error like this:
    Last Error Endpoint initialization failed. Task error notification received from subtask 0, thread 0 [reptask/replicationtask.c:2859] [1020401] Cannot retrieve Oracle archived Redo log destination ids;
    Can you help me?

  5. Hi if I not have password for schema migrate can be use user system instead ? for only 1 user to migrate other schemas ot limit for user schema for import.

  6. very nice and well explained . is it possible to add 1 slide with end to end architecture source , rds , target scripts and permissions etc .. that would help everything in glance for learners

  7. this error occurred when create source endpoint and test connection.
    Test Endpoint failed: Application-Status: 1020912, Application-Message: Failed to connect Network error has occurred, Application-Detailed-Message: RetCode: SQL_ERROR SqlState: HYT00 NativeError: 0 Message: [unixODBC][Microsoft][ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server]Login timeout expired

  8. Thank you very much for the detailed walk though.

    Quick question: Is on-premise Oracle DB version matter for such migrations? Does the same process work if my on-premise Oracle DB is running on 8i/9i?

  9. Thanks for your Video, it helpful for me in migration project..Please share the steps which you are following..

  10. Hello thank you for the amazing video. Since we migrated database from EC2 to aws, we already had a network connection in this case. What prerequisites need to be fulfilled if we are migrating actual client database to aws?

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