Microsoft vs Amazon: The Cloud War (AWS vs Azure)

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[Microsoft vs Amazon: The Cloud War]
There’s never been a better time to be in the cloud business—even if you’re not Amazon.
Amazon Web Services has dominated cloud computing for the past nine years. But Google and Microsoft, both giants in the cloud market, are growing at a rapid pace. Alphabet, Google’s parent, posted fourth-quarter earnings results t revealing that Google Cloud generated $8.9 billion in revenue for 2019, an impressive 53% growth from the previous year. Microsoft’s cloud operation, Azure, grew by 62% in the last three months of 2019, faster than any other cloud provider.
To truly understand why tech giants are fighting over cloud computing, we have to look back to the executive retreat at Jeff bezos house in 2003. The Amazon leadership team was asked to identify the core strengths of the company. One thing became abundantly clear: Its infrastructures services gave them a huge advantage over their competition.
It was at that point, without even fully articulating it, that they started to formulate the idea of what AWS could be, and they began to wonder if they had an additional business providing infrastructure services to developers.

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33 thoughts on “Microsoft vs Amazon: The Cloud War (AWS vs Azure)”
  1. So like, if i wanna be a famous film director. I should be looking at cloud computing rather than like traditional hollywood? I'm just tryna make it ha…. maybe making my own path via cloud computing and trying to aim for Netflix is a good idea

  2. Azure: ***wins the JEDI contract***

    AWS: In the name of galactic senate of the republic, you are under arrest, Azure.
    Azure: are you threatening me Master Jedi?
    AWS: The senate will decide your fate.
    Azure: i am the senate
    AWS: Not yet.
    Azure: its treason, then.

  3. be carefully, azure ask your try , after you add credit card then suddenly thousthand of doller dedected from your credit card and no option to delete or refund.
    i have try spend more 5 day to stop billing or refund money no option, just cancel your credit card from bank.

  4. I have had a Terrible experience with Microsoft AZURE.
    I signed for a free service and after one month I was charged!
    I have already cancelled the service!
    Also, it is very complicated to understand, there no adequate support

  5. Turns out President Trump was correct…

    Amazon showed that it would BREAK contracts and commitments and shut down any company (like Parler) based on a political whim… and IF the rational is “Well, Parler – deserved – it” such was the thought of people who later regretted “THEN they came for me” ONCE you throw out laws…you have nothing to defend you.

  6. That was very good journalism and highly enlightening. For me, the upside is that Microsoft, if they do ultimately secure that contract, will have to invest effort into making their cloud computing platform more stable, and perhaps even put a data center in my favorite vacation town, Dumaguete, Philippines.

  7. Trump was a terrible president, but oh boy, I would much rather have the JEDI contract go to Azure than AWS.

  8. Revenue doesn't equal market dominance. Oracle charges 80% less than AWS on average, so if Oracle Cloud generated 1B$ it's as if AWS generated 5B$.

  9. Azure will blindly take your money through idle charges and other bs if you don’t pay close attention to what you sign up for.

    Be very very mindful with the resources you choose even a basic tier can rack up more…. up to 2, 3 or 4 times… and can go up somehow every month. Even when you use the service for minimal development.

  10. Ummm interesting article but it didn't go over why one is better or unique then the other. Click bait. This boils down to which path the government to chose to run on the cloud and why.

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