Microsoft Azure Application Gateway Deep Dive

In this video I explore all the ins and outs to using Azure Application (App) Gateway in your environment!

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Links under chapters!

00:00 Introduction
00:32 Types of load balancing solution
02:00 Layer 7 with App Gateway
04:33 App Gateway deployment to virtual network
08:45 Locking down the public IP
10:05 App Gateway and WAF versions
14:14 Key features
20:55 How App Gateway works
21:25 Backend sets
25:28 Frontend IPs
27:40 Listeners
36:36 SSL/TLS offload/termination
37:44 Rules
43:30 Redirection rules
46:33 Rewrite rules
50:03 HTTP settings and health probe
56:45 How the bits fit together
57:48 App Gateway as AKS ingress controller
1:02:39 Summary

Azure Load Balancer Video –
Choosing a Load Balancing Solution –
Locking down App Gateway IP –
App Gateway Pricing –
App Gateway Version Differences –


37 thoughts on “Microsoft Azure Application Gateway Deep Dive”
  1. Another excellent video John! You have really helped me get up to speed when I need help with a new Azure component. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great video, very well explained all important concepts of Application Gateway. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  3. It's another great Azure concept you put them together, nicely done and greatly presented, really appreciate the time and the amount of effort you spend with all your videos and the high quality, you're aces

  4. Great Content, Your aproach was quite unique and I get to understand the every bits that make up the APG. Do you have plans to do something similar for AWS networking infrastructure?

  5. Hello Sir John, thanks for the session on App Gateway Service.
    My question to you is, As we know that enabling "autoscaling" feature will add the charge, So, to avoid extra cost if I don't enable autoscaling then, what is the resource threshold parameter here in AGS, exceeding which it could impact the performance?


  6. I watched this with my wife. She is now convinced you are a rocket scientist. Well done as always. :]

  7. John, just wanted to jump in to let you know how helpful and appreciated these videos are. I'm working my way through them all as I get ready for an AZ-104 working toward the 303 and 304.

  8. Timing of this couldn’t be better. Planning to watch today. We’re trying to get AG in front of an app service protected by a private endpoint.

  9. Great content as always.

    QQ: If I understood you correctly, if I were to support multiregion (like 3 AKS clusters, one for EMEA, second for APAC, last for NORAM), would the recommended approach be to have a AG for each of the clusters and Azure FrontDoor in front of the AGs ?

  10. Hey John, how does outbound traffic works, does it also routed through app gateway for a single VM added as backend pool in gateway?

  11. Hi John, great vid as always. Got one doubt. When picking a target for the backend sets, it seems like it only detects Virtual Machines from the same Virtual Network so, let's say we have a Hub&Spoke network architecture, how would this play out if the App Gw is deployed on the hub? By the (private) IP address it won't let me neither.

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