McKinsey Careers: Life as a business analyst

Some of our BAs share the inside scoop of what it’s like to be an analyst in NA with you.


27 thoughts on “McKinsey Careers: Life as a business analyst”
  1. I love my company (SAP), but McKinsey is the ultimate dream. Hopefully, there comes a day…

  2. They hire 22 year olds from Ivy League and Stanford and 26 year olds from business schools and then sell their labor for $1000 an hour

  3. They will all be burned out soon and the Mckensie approach is data and group idea most of them have no idea of your business they learn it figure it out and then build a model and charge you a lot of money

  4. " 5:20… I realised that as I was sitting there writing recommnedations for a client CEO, that 3 years ago I was an unpaid intern for the same media company" …BooM!! …McKinsey Consulting Business model in a nutshell

  5. Yup, it definitely felt like an imposter working in a consulting firm was expected to tell C-level executives how to improve their business when one just graduated from school. Horrible feelings. The executives knew that but they still came and it is because they needed insurance and deniability on their decisions. so when something went wrong, they could say, see, I performed due diligence, checked with McKinsey, or Anderson, Or any of the big consultancies.

  6. Mckinsey is so much fun. Upbeat music- talking in team room, talking to team, smiling with the team all in the team room. So much fun.

  7. I don't think I'll ever have what it takes to deep-dive and re-synergize operational processes and value add to results driven critical success factors in a business's ecosystem. Maybe in the next life.

  8. Look at a couple job openings from this company and came here! Now i don’t feel so intimidated since i meet most qualifications. Never hurts to just apply since many get the job and don’t have a strong knowledge on the work. I’m very hard working, what I don’t know, I’ll figure out on my own and ask others for advice!

  9. Consulting is hectic. Its exhaustive. You work for 12 hours a day. Sometimes more and also on weekends. So, the routine of going for a run in the morning will definitely be impacted by the weight of the work. Just saying.

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