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    This tutorial is an explanation of life cycle of maven and various phases in Maven with hands on exercise on Maven.

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    Are you looking for something more? Enroll in Intellipaat Devops training course and become a certified Devops Professional ( It is a 32 hrs instructor led training provided by Intellipaat which is completely aligned with industry standards and certification bodies
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    What you will learn in this training course?

    1. Introduction to DevOps, principles & practices
    2. Infrastructure server installation & configuration
    3. DevOps tools Chef, Ansible, Nagois, Puppet, Jenkins
    4. Automated systems and DevOps lifecycle
    5. Infrastructure as Code for Server management
    6. Deploying dockers, containerization and virtualization
    7. Ensuring infrastructure security and administration
    8. Measuring DevOps performance with the right metrics.
    Why should you take this DevOps training course?

    DevOps principles and practices are being deployed across enterprises in order to integrate the IT development and operations processes. Taking the Intellipaat DevOps training will help you be up and running with the most valuable DevOps skills, techniques, mastering of various automation tools, and infrastructure and server management among other things.
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