Franz Kafka is a guide to some very dark feelings most of us know well concerned with powerlessness, self-disgust and anxiety. This literary genius turned the stuff of nightmares into redemptive, consoling art. If you like our films take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):

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    1. I'm about to read Kafka for the first time – well, his literary work, since I've read his letters before – and this video just managed to get me both excited and informed about his life, who he was and what to expect from the story. It will be The Trial, along with a book club I'm in.

    2. When I got to the part 5:56 where the tragic and absurd sentence that the father declares to his son to drown himself, the son absurdly obeying that order, and then for the father to declare that…"You were an innocent child, really, but at heart a diabolical human being" made me made me laugh out loud as if I were watching a Monty Python sketch. Of course, the Terry Gilliam-esque cut-out of the old man jumping up and down on the bed helped! hahahahaha

    3. This is really really really sad and breaks my heart on the amount of trauma he had to carry with him and the fact he had no support I too know this pain well. This is a glimpse of how sociaty is worldwide many failing to protect the innocent of a child …its carries over for the rest of ones life.