Linux Security Course – 8. Hardening Linux


    The Linux Operating System has proven time and time that it reigns supreme in configurability and security. Being well versed in Linux Security can make the difference between a highly available web server and a compromised warez distribution point. Understanding Linux Security can make or break your ability to survive in the world of ever-changing Computer Security. VTC Authors work together to present Linux Security so you can carry the knowledge back and use it in a practical manner. To begin learning simply click the links.

    1. System Hardening Overview (03:38)
    2. Bastille Pt.1 (03:30)
    3. Bastille Pt.2 (03:44)
    4. Securing X-Windows (04:43)
    5. Securing Linux Daemons (06:08)
    6. Security Patches (05:35)
    7. Security Benchmarks (05:13)


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