Lesson#5- Kubernetes tutorial | Deploy docker container on kubernetes | Google cloud platform (2020)

Lesson#5 – kubernetes step by step tutorial in 25 minutes| Run container app on Google kubernetes
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– Let’s understand containers | 5 simple steps to create a docker container –
– Kubernetes crash course: In less than 15 minutes-

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Hi Friends, I am Anshul Tiwari and welcome to our youtube channel ITkFunde.

About this video –
In this 5th video tutorial under google cloud platform beginner series (2020), we will learn step by step process to deploy an application container using on kubernetes using Google cloud platform and google kubernetes engine.

We will cover the below points in this video –
– container basics (QUICK OVERVIEW)
– kubernetes basics
– how to create a docker container image
– how to push container image to google container registry
– how to deploy the container on google kubernetes engine (GKE).

We will use the same Hello youtube application for this step by step tutorial. Please follow it till the end and you should be able to understand how Kubernetes work and can be used to deploy containerized applications.

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36 thoughts on “Lesson#5- Kubernetes tutorial | Deploy docker container on kubernetes | Google cloud platform (2020)”
  1. Thanks for the wonderful content one thing which I see missing that you did not cover the creation of Deployment.yaml and services.yaml Can you provide some details if these were manually created or utilized any tool for the same

  2. Excellent content, I liked the fact that you emphasized to focus on the concept and not on the commands. I was able to follow the video, but toward the end I got confused. When the status of externally facing IP address changed from pending to the actual IP address, did the GCP assign this specific IP address to one of three PODs based on the load balancer algorithm? Does this mean that the other two PODs instances are there for sharing the load?

  3. Your GCP videos are fantastic. No flashy Powerpoints that don’t say much. No fluff. Concise, straight to the point, not condescending, and demonstrates what’s under the hood. I appreciate all the effort that goes into making these videos. You are a godsend and making a difference. Thank you and continue with the high quality content.

  4. Very good video …understood the concept quickly. So this was Horizontal Pods Autoscoring – HPA right? Reading Goods documentation was very confusing.

  5. Hi Sir,
    I keep getting this error and couldn't find solution :

    The Deployment "helloyoutube" is invalid: spec.selector: Invalid value: v1.LabelSelector{MatchLabels:map[string]string(nil), MatchExpressions:[]v1.LabelSelectorRequirement(nil)}: empty selector is invalid for deployment

    my deployment.yaml looks like this:
    apiVersion: apps/v1

    kind: Deployment


    name: helloyoutube


    replicas: 3



    app: helloyoutube




    app: helloyoutube



    – name: helloyoutube

    image: gcr.io/containerproject-303814/helloyoutube:latest


    – containerPort: 8080


    – name: PORT

    value: "8080"

  6. Sir, your networking video was great video thank you for taking up my suggestion. I have become more greedy know, my quest for IT knowledge has further enhanced . SO KNOW I URGE YOU TO CONTINUE WITH THE BASICS OF NETWORKING SERIES FUTHER . TAKE UP THE CONCEPTS LIKE DHCP, DNS, IPv4, IPv6, Packet, TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPs, MTU, MODEM, ADSL, DSL, Latency of networks.Different types of internet connection available with their benefit and demerits.Hardwares needed for optical fibre connection and their purpose, I am keeping a target of 25 lecture series for this topic. IN THE NEXT VIDEO SIR, PLEASE CLARIFY SUBNET ONCE AGAIN I COULD NOT COMPREHEND IT EASILY THROUGH THIS VIDEO.

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