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Getting started with Ansible 04 – Running ad-hoc Commands


Ansible is an incredible configuration management and provisioning utility that enables you to automate all the things. In this series, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to use Ansible for your day-to-day administration duties. In the fourth episode, we install Ansible and use it to run some ad-hoc commands.

Full series:
Part 1 (Introduction): https://linux.video/ansible1
Part 2 (SSH Overview & Setup): https://linux.video/ansible2
Part 3 (Setting up the Git Repository): https://linux.video/ansible3
Part 4 (This video)
Part 5 (Running Elevated Commands): https://linux.video/ansible5
Part 6 (Writing our first Playbook): https://linux.video/ansible6
Part 7 (The “when” Conditional): https://linux.video/ansible7
Part 8 (Improving your Playbook): https://linux.video/ansible8
Part 9 (Targeting Specific Nodes): https://linux.video/ansible9
Part 10 (Tags): https://linux.video/ansible10
Part 11 (Managing Files): https://linux.video/ansible11
Part 12 (Managing Services): https://linux.video/ansible12
Part 13 (Adding Users & Bootstrapping): https://linux.video/ansible13
Part 14 (Roles): https://linux.video/ansible14
Part 15 (Host Variables): https://linux.video/ansible15
Part 16 (Templates): https://linux.video/ansible16

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Getting Started with Ansible 04 – Executing ad-hoc Commands

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