Learn to use Ansible to Update & Patch your Linux System | Devops

    Learn to use Ansible to Update & Patch your Linux System | Devops

    Ansible is a powerful configuration management tool that helps automate updating your systems and servers, among many other things.

    If you’re familiar with other CM tools like Puppet or Chef, Ansible functions very much like Puppet Masterless or Chef Solo. It is designed to automate system administration tasks without having to write and maintain a bunch of bash scripts. CM tools are the foundation of a solid DevOps engineer.

    I used an Ansible playbook in this video, which is an integral part of the Ansible ecosystem. The ansible-playbook command makes it super easy to run playbooks with either Ansible roles or tasks, but you don’t have to organize all of them in a playbook.

    If you administer servers, whether they be Windows Servers or Linux Servers, it would behoove you to learn about configuration management. Powershell is often used in Windows environments however Ansible can run against Windows servers too.

    Both Bash and Powershell have a strong tendency to get out of hand and result in code bases being unwieldy and difficult to maintain. CM tools like Ansible solve this problem entirely.
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