Learn Python In Tamil | Complete Python Tutorial in One Video Tamil

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00:00:00 Welcome to Python Complete Tamil Tutorial
00:03:45 Introduction of Python
00:08:40 Compiler Vs Interpreter
00:13:49 Python Software Installation
00:20:29 Anaconda Python Software Installation
00:28:40 How to Change Spyder Theme
00:30:30 What is Variables in Python
00:33:29 Basic Program in Python
00:35:49 What is id and type in Python
00:38:09 Run Python in Online
00:40:29 Run Python Using Notepad++ or Vs Code
00:50:12 Keywords in Python
00:54:08 Getting Inputs in Python
01:00:18 Multiple Inputs in Single Line Python
01:03:56 Multiline String in Python
01:05:12 Getting Multiline Input in Python
01:13:17 Pycharm installation in Python
01:18:35 Single and Multiline Comment in Python
01:20:58 Type Casting in Python
01:26:30 String and String Functions in Python
01:40:48 String Manipulation in Python
01:44:05 Arithmetic operators in Python
01:46:28 Assignment operators in Python
01:49:28 Comparison operators in Python
01:52:37 Logical operators in Python
01:56:06 Bitwise operators in Python
02:08:47 IF Statement in Python
02:12:06 IF ELSE Statement in Python
02:15:17 ELIF Statement in Python
02:21:27 Nested IF Statement in Python
02:27:48 While Loop in Python
02:31:06 Continue Statement in Python
02:32:39 Break Statement in Python
02:33:56 Range in Python
02:37:58 For Loop in Python
02:41:18 Nested For Loop in Python
02:50:59 While Else & For Else in Python
02:54:25 List and Its Function in Python
03:14:17 Tuples and Its Function in Python
03:25:53 Sets and Its Function in Python
03:42:17 Dictionaries and Its Function in Python
03:51:33 Identity operators in Python
03:54:34 Membership operators in Python
03:56:23 Functions in Python
03:57:35 No Return Type Without Argument Function in Python
03:59:50 No Return Type With Argument Function in Python
04:01:17 Return Type Without Argument Function in Python
04:02:37 Return Type With Argument Function in Python
04:03:39 Arbitrary Arguments Function in Python
04:05:42 Keyword Arguments Function in Python
04:07:38 Arbitrary Keyword Arguments in Python
04:09:31 Default Parameter Function in Python
04:10:47 Passing a List as an Argument in Function Python
04:12:14 Recursion Function in Python
04:16:32 Lambda Functions in Python
04:18:03 Date Time Functions in Python
04:29:25 Maths Functions in Python
04:34:00 try block in Python
04:36:22 try else block in Python
04:37:42 Finally Block in Python
04:38:58 Type of Exceptions in Python
04:46:28 Handling Multiple Exceptions in Python
04:48:35 Class and Object in Python
04:55:14 Class Attributes in Python
05:04:27 Instance Attributes in Python
05:09:37 Class Method in Python
05:13:57 Instance Method in Python
05:17:31 __init__ Method in Python
05:22:21 Property Decorator in Python
05:27:46 Property Decorators Getter Setter in Python
05:35:51 Property Method in Python
05:37:29 Class Method Decorator in Python
05:41:41 Static Method in Python
05:46:00 Abstraction and Encapsulation in Python
05:56:54 Single Inheritance in Python
06:00:32 Multiple Inheritance in Python
06:04:26 Multilevel Inheritance in Python
06:06:20 Function Overriding in Python
06:10:29 Handling Diamond Problem in Python
06:13:53 Operator Overloading in Python
06:18:19 Abstract Base Class in Python
06:23:28 Open a File in Python
06:28:50 Read a File Using readLine in Python
06:32:08 looping through the lines in Python
06:33:25 Write to an Existing File in Python
06:35:19 Append Mode File in Python
06:36:26 Delete a File in Python
06:39:26 SQLite Browser installation
06:41:36 Creating Database and Table in SQLite Database
06:44:59 Crud Introduction in Python SQLite
06:50:49 SQLite Database Connection String in Python
06:52:04 Insert data in SQLite Database in Python
06:56:22 Update data in SQLite Database in Python
07:00:01 Delete Data in SQLite Database in Python
07:01:47 Select All Data in SQLite Database in Python
07:04:06 Crud Python MySQL
07:39:24 Flask Project With MySQL
08:37:10 Tkinter Project in Python MySQL


44 thoughts on “Learn Python In Tamil | Complete Python Tutorial in One Video Tamil”
  1. Good evening sir. I am learning from your video. At 1.12.49, I can not get the result. In else part pointing error to me. I copied your program also I can not get the result.

  2. Sir I'm a mechanical engineer I don't know about programming sir.but just I took initiative to learn python sir.this tutorial more than anf sir to get placed in IT sector..

  3. Anna hacker rank python coding solution videos poduga(easy,medium,advanced) most of the company hackerrank coding base pannitha kekuraaga
    Tamilla yarum fulla video podala so video poduga yellarukum usefulla irrukum

  4. i m unable to use notepad++ when I try to run program in file-open containing folder-cmd i m getting error like -python was not found..could u please help me with this

  5. Hi sir, can't able to get the flash python coding in your website which is having only the registration coding….can you tell me that where would I get that code.

  6. Bro nenga intha video oda flask in python source code kudukala please antha source code thanga

  7. Sir my notepad++ not executing the result, Iam confused don't know what to do next. Please help me

  8. aiyaa enaku oru doubtuuu

    flask la oru website panom la athula
    app.secrate_key nu add panom athu yathuku ??? thaviyaa antha line

  9. Sir iam a beginner and iam a mechanical engineering graduate I don't have a 1 percent knowledge in phyton and also not in any programing knowledge .. can I start learning from ur video.

  10. Romba thanks anna enakku romba usefulaa irukku and nalla solli thari ga en kitta lap or PC ethum so i will try to code in my phone please continue more and more videos like this and please put a video on complicated problems and coding easily to remember it and some short cuts in python, thankyou.

  11. boss everything ok but i created a database in sqlite 3 and try to run in CMD. but all is ok but i am getting an error saying no table found. i run the code exactly has you shown in the video. can you help me

  12. I have seen just a minutes of this video and i am sure its highly educative

  13. I opened notepad++ and then when I open the python it says,python version is not recognized as an internal or external command. Pls help me

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