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Learn Python In Tamil | Complete Python Tutorial in One Video Tamil


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00:00:00 Welcome to Python Complete Tamil Tutorial
00:03:45 Introduction of Python
00:08:40 Compiler Vs Interpreter
00:13:49 Python Software Installation
00:20:29 Anaconda Python Software Installation
00:28:40 How to Change Spyder Theme
00:30:30 What is Variables in Python
00:33:29 Basic Program in Python
00:35:49 What is id and type in Python
00:38:09 Run Python in Online
00:40:29 Run Python Using Notepad++ or Vs Code
00:50:12 Keywords in Python
00:54:08 Getting Inputs in Python
01:00:18 Multiple Inputs in Single Line Python
01:03:56 Multiline String in Python
01:05:12 Getting Multiline Input in Python
01:13:17 Pycharm installation in Python
01:18:35 Single and Multiline Comment in Python
01:20:58 Type Casting in Python
01:26:30 String and String Functions in Python
01:40:48 String Manipulation in Python
01:44:05 Arithmetic operators in Python
01:46:28 Assignment operators in Python
01:49:28 Comparison operators in Python
01:52:37 Logical operators in Python
01:56:06 Bitwise operators in Python
02:08:47 IF Statement in Python
02:12:06 IF ELSE Statement in Python
02:15:17 ELIF Statement in Python
02:21:27 Nested IF Statement in Python
02:27:48 While Loop in Python
02:31:06 Continue Statement in Python
02:32:39 Break Statement in Python
02:33:56 Range in Python
02:37:58 For Loop in Python
02:41:18 Nested For Loop in Python
02:50:59 While Else & For Else in Python
02:54:25 List and Its Function in Python
03:14:17 Tuples and Its Function in Python
03:25:53 Sets and Its Function in Python
03:42:17 Dictionaries and Its Function in Python
03:51:33 Identity operators in Python
03:54:34 Membership operators in Python
03:56:23 Functions in Python
03:57:35 No Return Type Without Argument Function in Python
03:59:50 No Return Type With Argument Function in Python
04:01:17 Return Type Without Argument Function in Python
04:02:37 Return Type With Argument Function in Python
04:03:39 Arbitrary Arguments Function in Python
04:05:42 Keyword Arguments Function in Python
04:07:38 Arbitrary Keyword Arguments in Python
04:09:31 Default Parameter Function in Python
04:10:47 Passing a List as an Argument in Function Python
04:12:14 Recursion Function in Python
04:16:32 Lambda Functions in Python
04:18:03 Date Time Functions in Python
04:29:25 Maths Functions in Python
04:34:00 try block in Python
04:36:22 try else block in Python
04:37:42 Finally Block in Python
04:38:58 Type of Exceptions in Python
04:46:28 Handling Multiple Exceptions in Python
04:48:35 Class and Object in Python
04:55:14 Class Attributes in Python
05:04:27 Instance Attributes in Python
05:09:37 Class Method in Python
05:13:57 Instance Method in Python
05:17:31 __init__ Method in Python
05:22:21 Property Decorator in Python
05:27:46 Property Decorators Getter Setter in Python
05:35:51 Property Method in Python
05:37:29 Class Method Decorator in Python
05:41:41 Static Method in Python
05:46:00 Abstraction and Encapsulation in Python
05:56:54 Single Inheritance in Python
06:00:32 Multiple Inheritance in Python
06:04:26 Multilevel Inheritance in Python
06:06:20 Function Overriding in Python
06:10:29 Handling Diamond Problem in Python
06:13:53 Operator Overloading in Python
06:18:19 Abstract Base Class in Python
06:23:28 Open a File in Python
06:28:50 Read a File Using readLine in Python
06:32:08 looping through the lines in Python
06:33:25 Write to an Existing File in Python
06:35:19 Append Mode File in Python
06:36:26 Delete a File in Python
06:39:26 SQLite Browser installation
06:41:36 Creating Database and Table in SQLite Database
06:44:59 Crud Introduction in Python SQLite
06:50:49 SQLite Database Connection String in Python
06:52:04 Insert data in SQLite Database in Python
06:56:22 Update data in SQLite Database in Python
07:00:01 Delete Data in SQLite Database in Python
07:01:47 Select All Data in SQLite Database in Python
07:04:06 Crud Python MySQL
07:39:24 Flask Project With MySQL
08:37:10 Tkinter Project in Python MySQL


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