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Learn How To Use Ansible To Provision Azure VM Linux Server


Let’s use Ansible to configure and provision a new server in Azure for running game servers.

This video makes for a good summary of the Ansible stuff I’ve covered in my previous two videos. We could dive a lot deeper into Ansible with Roles and Galaxy, but I think at this point folks interested in Ansible have seen enough to be interested and dangerous with it.

I also figured I’d go ahead and cross Azure off my list of videos to make. Obviously, Microsoft’s Azure Cloud is massive and creating a simple VM with a security group and other resources don’t even scratch the service, but these Cloud videos aren’t typically very popular and they are pretty time consuming to produce.

To summarize, Ansible is a configuration management tool (similar to Puppet or Chef) that DevOps engineers use to build or maintain continuous delivery pipelines. For this video, we create a new virtual machine in Azure running openSUSE Linux which we then provision with an Ansible Playbook.
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